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Reprints available in Adobe (.pdf) format:

                 Medical History Form

                 Cancer History Form
                 Why Oncology Massage?

                 Massage Client FAQ

                 Pressure Staging of Cancer Massage Techniques

                 Medical Authorization for Cancer Massage

                 How to (Truly) Relax

                 Rosehip Oil for Surgical Scars and
                                  Radiation Skin Reactions

                 Reducing the Risk of Lymphedema
                 Adapted From the Society for Oncology Massage.

 "The Healing Effects of Massage Mind"
                 Body Sense Magazine
                 Spring - 2011, pp 8-10

                 "One Man's Massage Journey"
                 Massage and Bodywork Magazine
                 Feb/Mar - 2007, pp45 - 49

                  "An Oncology Massage Healing Journey"
                  By "Lois"

                  "Been There - Done That"
                  A guide for the newly diagnosed.

                  Southern Maine Oncology Massage Therapist List
                  All are S4OM trained, have in-hospital

                  experience and are accepting new clients.

                  Cured vs Healed
                  A letter to Cure magazine                 

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