Metta Massage Therapy

Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage
Specializing in Cancer and Chronic Conditions

A place of respite from the wear and tear of everyday life;
the stress of cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery;
the burden of living with chronic disease.

Reconnecting body, mind and soul.
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Bruce A. Hopkins

Please note:  I have temporarily suspended my massage practice.

My practice is oncology oriented.  For this I have special training and 10 years experience.  There is no charge for cancer patients and caregivers from diagnosis through surgery, chemo, radiation and beyond.  Contributions toward office expenses are gratefully accepted but are not expected.

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To heal is to unify the physical, emotional, intellectual, social
and spiritual selves into an integrated and harmonious whole.
 To cure is to eliminate a demonstrable disease process. 
One can be healed without being cured.
Bruce Hopkins, LMT

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